Sunday, May 09, 2010

Virginity - Nothing sacred or scary about it (as per Khushboo)

I never thought I would get to write on such a controversial or sensitive topic. Now that the SC has quashed all cases against actress Khushboo citing that it is her personal opinion and has right to express, I thought why can't I have my personal opinion and that too in MY blog!

According to Khushboo, virginity is not a big issue to be really questioned about- "No educated man should expect his bride to be a virgin" was her statement to the PUCLIC which is now termed as PERSONAL opinion

Yeah - may be true in your cinema world which is world's biggest sex industry. It is an open secret that the movie world is a Many-To-Many affairs world (as in the Computer Language's Modelling relational term)- be it marial, pre-marital, post-marital; barring the child actors !

The affairs may be claimed as gossip, but people are not fools to believe that, as everything comes out in the open. From the divorce cases, we know who was the root cause. Let the actors / actress not express their opinion to media or public if it is their personal opinion. Keep your mouth shut and go about your "business" - which is acting as the public face and "chee poonga" as the private face.

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Anonymous said...

honestly, no one loses it in some special or romatic way. its in the back of a dirty car or on some smelly bed. virginity is nothing special.